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You will be improving after just 8 weeks or we will find you a better option.

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Your care will always be gentle and safe. No forceful twisting or pulling.

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Our commitment to excellence mens that we'll always be up on the latest head and neck research so that you can be your best!

NUCCA Chiropractic in Carmel, IN

To learn More about Upper Cervical Chiropractic, click the video play button and watch a short video from Dr. Flory.

Is NUCCA Care Right for Me?

God designed your body to be self-healing and self-regulating. It can be strong and healthy if you give it what it requires. NUCCA works by correcting the underlying cause, not merely treating the symptoms.


We never guess. We use precise metrics to guide your care. 3D Xray Imaging before and after your first correction allows us to see the exact position of your spinal bones and how to restore their alignment.


NUCCA is a very gentle chiropractic procedure. It uses no forceful pushing, pulling, twisting, or popping. The goal is to control the movement of your spine for precision realignment.


A long-term solution is possible when we correct the underlying cause of the problem AND retrain your body's muscle memory to hold its own alignment for as long as possible.

My Misalignment

MyMisalignment provides a close-up view of the cervical spine and brainstem as well as an expanded view of how the upper cervical subluxation impacts the entire body. Watch your misalignment come to life with these interactive reports created from your very own misalignment. We will send you multiple reports along your treatment journey to track the progress of your plan and make sure you are on track.

To learn more about NUCCA and how we use MyMisalignment in your treatment plan, click the button below.
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