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8 Awful Things That Fibromyalgia Patients Deal With

As a Carmel fibromyalgia chiropractor, Dr. Tymothy Flory works with countless patients. Sadly, some of these individuals report various unpleasant symptoms and complications due to their fibromyalgia diagnosis. Some experience massive disruption in their schedule because of intense body pain and fatigue. Others struggle with anxiety and depression, especially when they experience fibromyalgia flare-ups. Over […]

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Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Carmel Explains Peripheral and Central Vertigo Difference

Did you know that the primary difference between peripheral and central vertigo is the source of the symptom? Find out more about what makes the two so different! Our upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel suggests a natural way that’s been proven safe and effective to get away from the grasps of vertigo. Schedule your visit […]

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Secrets to Overcoming Neck Strain from a Whiplash Injury

Many people looking for Carmel neck pain relief have sustained their injuries through a whiplash. Sadly, most of them aren’t sure how they should move forward in alleviating their pain. Hence, they end up with intense neck pain that deters them from moving around with great ease. If you or a loved one experiences chronic […]

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Carmel Upper Cervical Chiropractor Lists Fibromyalgia Cognitive Symptoms

Only a few people know about the cognitive symptoms that fibromyalgia causes. These symptoms are known as fibro fog; get to know them and learn about their effects. If you or someone you love has fibromyalgia, a Carmel upper cervical chiropractor can help you see improvements and get relief for this painful condition and its […]

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Migralepsy: What It Is and How to Cope With the Symptoms

Migralepsy is a degenerative brain disorder. Healthcare professionals and researchers characterize it as recurring attacks of debilitating headaches accompanied by visual disturbances, seizures, and other symptoms. Studies note that it causes damage to the thalamus—a part of your brain that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Thankfully, all hope is not lost if you have migralepsy. After […]

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Neck Pain Facts from a Chiropractor in Carmel

Many things can cause neck pain. As a result, it affects a broad spectrum of individuals. Are you among the millions of Americans who struggle with an achy neck every day? We at Atlas Spinal Care might just be able to help you! Kindly read on to better understand how neck pain develops and how […]

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Vertigo: What It Is and What It Isn't

Vertigo is a condition that usually affects the adult population. It's common, but it's not something you have to live with because there are tons of available vertigo relief in Carmel and the rest of the United States. If the wooziness you feel occurs even without a tequila shot or two, you may need to […]

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Silent Migraine Facts from An Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Carmel

If you've been experiencing typical migraine symptoms sans headaches, you're most likely dealing with a silent migraine. We've got a list of seven shocking facts about this specific type of migraine to help eliminate confusion and ensure that you find the most suitable approach. We've also asked our upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel, and he […]

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