How to Minimize Low Back Pain with Planking

planking, upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the U.S. and can be quite debilitating. Notably, many people who have it experimented with relief options like planking. Have you tried exploring this option? If you haven’t or are unsure why you should consider trying this back pain remedy, we have just the perfect guide for you. Learn more about planking and how you can use it in conjunction with your visits to our upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel, Dr. Flory.


Why is Planking Advised for Low Back Pain Relief?

The problem with chronic or recurring lower back problems—in addition to intense discomfort—is that they can affect your quality of life as well as your ability to perform daily tasks. A few examples of these things include lifting heavy objects or sitting for long periods at a time without pain. You don’t want that. So trusted professionals like our upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel, Dr. Flory, suggest planking - one of the most straightforward exercises you can try today.

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Planking is a great way to build core strength and tone the muscles supporting your lower back. This can be helpful for those with chronic back pain and those who just want to avoid future problems.

When you plank, you engage your abdominal muscles while strengthening your arms and shoulders. This helps keep all these muscle groups strong so that they can better support the spine when it's being moved or stressed by other movements, like lifting something heavy or even just walking around all day!


What’s The Best Way to Do Planking?

Planking should be done correctly to prevent further injury and worse low back pain. The proper way to execute this routine is through the following steps: 

  • Lie face down with your weight resting on your forearms, toes, and elbows. 
  • Make sure your body is in a straight line from head to heels. 
  • Don't arch or tuck your chin; keep it aligned with the rest of your spine. 
  • Keep this position while maintaining good posture (don't let your hips sag). 
  • Hold your position for 30 seconds as long as it's comfortable for you until you become stronger and can hold more extended periods without difficulty.

It should be done 3-4 times a week on non-consecutive days for 30 seconds at a time with three sets of 30 seconds each. If you’re just starting out with planks, try doing 1 set only or even half of your usual time before progressing into full sets of 60 seconds once you have mastered the technique and feel comfortable doing so.

planking, upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel

Work with a Highly Recommended Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Carmel

As an upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel for so many years, Dr. Flory has seen a lot of things concerning chronic low back pain. But one thing that he’s proven over and over again is that patients who have these regular and recurring back aches find them to be much more manageable when they incorporate exercises into their daily routine and regular upper cervical chiropractic care!

Notably, upper cervical chiropractic adjustments help by restoring the alignment of your atlas (the topmost neck bone) and your head. The technique has helped many individuals lead pain-free lives by improving their posture and ensuring that their body’s main circuit switch works properly. This way, your central nervous system can effectively transmit signals needed to heal your body and cope better with chronic or severe pain. 

If you are looking for a trusted upper cervical chiropractor in Carmel or its surrounding area to help you with your back pain, you need not look any further. Visit Atlas Spinal Care! A quick consultation will help you determine if you have misaligned neck bones and check how often you might need to come in for chiropractic adjustments. 

Dr. Flory will do his best to help you address and manage your pain! You may book your appointment with us by emailing or filling out our online consultation form.


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