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Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Carmel Helps Manage Horrendous Neck Pain

This is a short and sweet video of Trina’s induction into the Atlas Spinal Care Hall of Fame for holding her corrections for six consecutive months! Trina has been enduring years of lingering and horrendous neck pain. Finally, she decided to make the most of their local upper cervical chiropractic in Carmel and got help […]

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NUCCA Chiropractic in Carmel Can Manage Your Chronic Back Pain

Caren is an active 75-year-old woman who has been experiencing chronic mid-back pain for years. She's tried everything to get rid of it, but nothing has helped until she started seeing Dr. Flory of Atlas Spinal Care to try the most recommended NUCCA chiropractic in Carmel.

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No More Neck Pain And Back Pain, Thanks To NUCCA!

Renan has been coming to Atlas Spinal Care for two years now for NUCCA adjustments. Renan has no more neck pain and back pain now, thanks to NUCCA!

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Chronic Back Pain Gone After Upper Cervical Care At Atlas Spinal Care

Christa came in the office suffering from chronic back pain. Her goal for Upper Cervical Care at Atlas Spinal Care is to be unlimited by her pain

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No More Neck Pain And Back Pain, Thanks To NUCCA!
Chronic Back Pain Gone After Upper Cervical Care At Atlas Spinal Care

Citlali has had scoliosis for several years that has limited her ability to be an active girl due to the pain she was constantly in. NUCCA hasn't straightened her spine, but it has relaxed the muscles along her spine to the point where they are more balanced and mostly pain free. She loves exercising again. She gets care for her spine similar to her routine dental care now, proactive checkups to prevent big problems from developing.


Phyllis learned about Atlas Spinal Care at church. She had chronic neck pain and persistent tinnitus. They are both gone! She has continued her wellness checkups for two reasons. First, she enjoys being proactive to keep her spine healthy and strong. Second, "I love the warmth of this office."


Susan began her care after hearing about NUCCA from a friend. She had awful tension headaches every day. She also suffered from chronic neck pain and brain fog for many years. Thanks to NUCCA she is doing much better. She is even sleeping better, has more energy, and is able to live an active life again.


When Nancy began her NUCCA chiropractic care, she was experiencing a lot of neck pain. The neck pain was chronic and annoying. She now has no more neck pain!


Dax started his care shortly after his mom and dad did. Once realizing that taking care of their child's spine was just as important as his teeth, eyes, etc., his parents wanted Dax to grow healthy and strong. Dax would at times have some minor problems, but his care was focused on wellness for healthy growth and development.


Renan has always led an active life. He played many sports as a kid and young man. He has continued to enjoy exercising and lifting weights regularly. But neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain eventually began to interfere. Not only was exercising less fun, but at times the pain was so bad he couldn't even do it.
Now, after getting his spinal alignment corrected with NUCCA, he has no more physical limitations in his body. And with continued checkups, he enjoys proactive prevention of future problems as well.


Laurin started her care after seeing NUCCA help her 10-year-old son heal from Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. She herself had neck pain, upper and lower. back pain, and sinus headaches. She thought it was just the aging process. Through her care she realized, "Your body fixes itself in ways you didn't even anticipate once you begin holding your alignment!"
She rates her improvement at 90%. "No more back pain! Really! I can lift both arms over my head!"


Kristin worked as the receptionist at Dr. Flory's office in California for 4 years. Prior to that she had never heard of NUCCA. Through her daily work, she got to see first hand the many ways that patients' bodies were able to heal from various pains and conditions. She herself also experienced some back pain and headaches. As a result of her own care, she has been able to remain relatively pain free. She has even continued her care several years after moving on to work elsewhere. because NUCCA helps her to be "Healthy from the inside out!"


Christa loves the Lord and loves to go on mission trips. She also experienced chronic back pain that at times would limit her mobility and ability to do much. With proper NUCCA care, she can now hold her atlas correction for as long as 6 months! And she is grateful that her back no longer hurts. She says that NUCCA helps her to be able to keep going on mission trips to share God's love around the world.


Alexa says, "My nervous system was in overdrive to the point where I could barely get out of bed. I just wanted to be part of my family again."
When the atlas is out of alignment, it always causes some degree of hyperactivity of the Sympathetic Nervous system. But for Alexa, it was severe...something called Dysautonomia. She experienced ongoing anxiety, depression and fatigue, as well as cranial nerve dysfunction.
She is now thinking more clearly. She has improved balance and coordination, better bowel movements, and is more comfortable walking. Best of all she is able to be a better parent, a better spouse, and a better friend.
"So many things have improved! I have no more burning pain under the skin. I'm able to listen to music or watch a show or even dance a little with my kids."
When asked to rate her satisfaction with her care, she said 80%!


Alejandra was experiencing very frequent headaches that would inhibit her ability to teach in her classroom. They even made it difficult to be the best mother. Her headaches are now under control. "As long as my atlas is in alignment, I have no headaches!"


Carrie was suffering with chronic low back pain and pain down her legs. Her parents had already seen good results with NUCCA care with Dr. Flory, so Carrie decided to give it a shot. She is now doing great. She experiences very little pain now and is holding her spinal alignment very well.

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