What is NUCCA?

Heal naturally & enhance your quality of life.

A complete set of services designed to help people live a healthy life.

Many people are not familia with NUCCA when they seek treatment. It’s important to become familiar with the NUCCA technique because there are so many ways chiropractic NUCCA can help every day issues.
The NUCCA treatment seeks to alleviate stress caused by pressure on the cervical vertebra of the upper spine. Stress in this area ultimately leads to interference with the body’s central nervous system, leading to a host of issues that can arise throughout the body.

A proper and gentle adjustment of the Atlas can help to alleviate many common body aches and even cure serious problems that occur throughout the body.

These problems arise when communication between the body and mind are disrupted due to misalignment. This misalignment creates stress that disrupts the natural communication and regulation that occurs throughout the body.

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Our goal is to help our community live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

3 R’s for a Longterm Solution


Restore (correct cause) vs. Relief (treat pain/effects)
Most of “health”care should actually be called “disease”care. It merely treats the symptoms of your condition or disease. It does NOT help the body to heal, because you’re only treating the tip of the iceberg. This is the single biggest failure of our “disease”care system!
“Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.” Einstein
“Nothing ever changes if nothing ever changes” (quote by someone???)
If you have high blood pressure, are you going to take meds to artificially lower it or change your lifestyle to restore it to normal? Big Pharma wants you to take meds, because then they have a customer for life, but that will NOT make you healthy.
If you have …(insert primary symptom), are you going to continue to…(insert what has been tried with little or no success), or is there a deeper reason why your body hasn’t been able to heal?
Typically, the best and fastest way to get the body back into its best possible alignment is to do 2 visits a week for about 8 weeks…a small price to pay to actually RESTORE your body to its God-given design.


Recover vs. Remain
In this phase you will be able to be seen less frequently because your body is actually recovering. Instead of remaining stuck in the vicious cycle of recurring migraines (OR pain-relief-pain-relief-pain), we will Monitor your body’s natural healing process over time to ensure the body’s tissues change for the better, your spine gets stronger, and your body actually RECOVERS its normal God-given function.

This phase is known as “The Upward Spiral”


Retain vs. Relapse
The second biggest failure of our “disease”care system is that it does NOTHING to help your body to stay healthy and strong! Why? because it’s sole focus is on treating symptoms!
So in order to prevent Relapses, we Proactively do checkups (and tuneups when needed) to keep your spine healthy and strong for the rest of your life…just like your dentist does for your teeth.
We all know the cycle of pain-relief-pain-relief-pain. What is it for you? Recurring migraine or tension headaches? Recurring neck pain? Recurring dizziness or vertigo? Recurring nerve or muscle pain? Recurring TMJ or jaw pain? Recurring fatigue, anxiety, or brain fog? This is NOT life as God intended for any of us.

John 10:10 (NIV) says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Obviously, there is spiritual meaning for this verse, but consider, what are the thieves of your physical health and life? And how are they preventing you from living the full and abundant life that God intended for you.
It's a Conversation, Not a Commitment

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Restoring health naturally and enhancing quality of life through gentle, proven, and highly effective spinal care.
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