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Carmel Chiropractor Shares 5 Neck Pain Contributors from Your Desk Job

Getting things done while dealing with a pain in the neck may spell trouble for your workflow, especially if the discomfort worsens by the day. Find out how you can get to the bottom of your suffering by checking out our list of five ways your desk job could contribute to your neck pain. To […]

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How to Minimize Low Back Pain with Planking

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the U.S. and can be quite debilitating. Notably, many people who have it experimented with relief options like planking. Have you tried exploring this option? If you haven’t or are unsure why you should consider trying this back pain remedy, we have just the perfect […]

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Chiropractor in Carmel Explains Upper and Middle Back Pain Causes

Upper and middle back pain can stem from all kinds of things. Are you familiar with these? Get to know about the most common causes of an achy back so you know how you can cope. Also, find out why people with back pain – regardless of the severity – schedule a visit to a […]

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How Setting Priorities Help with Fibromyalgia

Having a chronic condition like fibromyalgia can be frustrating and painful. The pain is real, and it can be debilitating, but there are ways to lessen its impact. You may have even heard of people who have been able to completely "cure" their conditions through natural means, such as alternative medicine and lifestyle changes. But […]

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How to Find Natural Relief for Meniere's Disease from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Carmel

Meniere's disease is a vestibular disorder that predominantly affects one's ability to hear and perceive spatial aspects. The management options for this condition are often limited and invasive. Thankfully, studies have found five natural options to help curb the symptoms. Find more about them as you continue reading. Also, we suggest reading on to learn […]

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Natural Remedies for Stress-induced Neck Pain

Neck pain is a usual complaint among adults. It can stem from several factors, including poor posture and repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis. But did you know that many cases of neck pain are actually stress-related? Find out more about these, plus the leading sources of neck pain relief in Carmel. […]

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5 Fibromyalgia Eye Problems Shared by a Chiropractor in Carmel

Did you know that eye problems caused by fibromyalgia can become chronic if left unattended? Here’s what you should know about the visual symptoms that usually stems from a fibromyalgia diagnosis. For a natural approach to treatment, our trusted chiropractor in Carmel knows just what you need! Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Flory, our […]

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Sinus Headaches and Migraines: What Sets Them Apart?

Migraines and sinus headaches are very similar in symptoms, but there are differences. Knowing these differences can help you and your doctor or migraine chiropractor in Carmel, IN develop a better care plan. Let's help you set these two conditions apart with the help of our comprehensive patient guide below.    Why Do People Mistake […]

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