Headaches on Top of the Head: Top Causes and Best Remedy

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It's a beautiful afternoon in Carmel, and you're ready to take a stroll along the Monon Trail, enjoy the Arts & Design District, or maybe catch a concert at The Center for the Performing Arts. But then it hits – a nagging ache on the top of your head that casts a shadow over your plans. You've tried the usual solutions – over-the-counter medication, a quiet room, even a massage – yet the headache persists. The search for answers can be just as frustrating as the pain itself.

What if understanding the most common culprits behind those headaches on the top of your head is the key to finally finding relief? From common tension headaches and migraines to hidden factors in your neck, let's explore what might be triggering your discomfort and open the door to potential solutions. Also, read on to find out the crucial role of your migraine chiropractor in Carmel in helping you experience lasting relief and enjoy a revitalized life.


Key Takeaways from your Trusted Migraine Chiropractor in Carmel

  • Headaches with pain on top of the head have a variety of potential causes, including tension, migraines, and neck issues.
  • Carmel residents seeking natural solutions should understand that headaches can sometimes originate from misalignments in the upper cervical spine.
  • Upper cervical chiropractors specialize in correcting upper neck misalignments, potentially reducing headache frequency and intensity.
  • Upper cervical care offers a unique approach that addresses a frequently overlooked migraine trigger – a misaligned atlas bone.
  • If traditional headache remedies haven't provided lasting relief, consulting a Carmel Chiropractor like Dr. Flory can offer a new perspective and personalized solutions.

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Common Culprits: Headaches on Top of the Head

Tension Headaches Due to Stress 

Carmel's fast-paced lifestyle, packed with work, family commitments, and errands, can easily create tension. This tension often builds up in the neck and shoulders, leading to headaches felt on the top of your head. Poor posture, especially while hunched over screens for long periods, can worsen this issue.

Migraines: More Than Just a Headache

Although not every migraine involves pain on the top of the head, they're notorious for being unpredictable. Hormonal fluctuations,  those sudden shifts in Indiana weather, or even specific foods and drinks can trigger a migraine attack. For some, the pain can be focused in one area, including the top of the head,  and might be accompanied by nausea, light sensitivity,  and other debilitating symptoms.

Cervicogenic Headaches: The Neck Connection

This lesser-known type of headache actually originates from problems in your neck. Issues like muscle strain, joint dysfunction, or misalignments in the upper cervical spine (particularly the atlas vertebra) can cause referred pain felt on the top of your head. This type of headache is often associated with neck pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion.

Other Potential Causes

While tension headaches, migraines, and cervicogenic headaches are the most frequent causes of pain on top of the head, it's essential to be aware of other possibilities. These include:

  • Sinus problems
  • Head injuries
  • Medication side effects

Knowing the type of headache you have helps narrow down the root cause. Additionally, this can help you determine which remedies will help you see desirable results or a positive outcome.


The Hidden Factor: Upper Cervical Misalignments

While Carmel offers access to top-notch healthcare, there's one factor often overlooked when it comes to headaches on the top of the head: misalignments in the upper cervical spine. Your cervical spine, the top portion of your spinal column, supports your head and protects one of the most delicate parts of the nervous system. Even a minor misalignment at the top, specifically in your atlas (C1) vertebra, can have a ripple effect, potentially contributing to those nagging headaches.


How Does an Upper Cervical Misalignment Cause Headaches?

Nerve Signaling Disruption

Besides supporting your posture, your upper cervical spine encases the major communication highway for nerves – the brainstem tissue. Naturally, pressure builds up on the sensitive nerves if the atlas shifts - even by the slightest degree. This disrupts their signals, impacting how your body processes pain.

Muscle Tension

An upper cervical problem can trigger muscle tension at the base of your skull and surrounding areas, leading to that all-too-familiar headache on the top of your head.

Reduced Blood Flow

Sometimes, upper cervical issues can even interfere with proper blood flow to the brain – another potential contributor to headaches.


When to Suspect an Upper Cervical Issue

There are a few clues that suggest the upper neck might be a significant risk factor for someone with frequent headaches on top of the head. We've rounded up a few signs you need to look out for:

  • Accompanying Neck Issues: Do you experience frequent neck pain, stiffness, or reduced range of motion alongside your headaches? This combination is a strong indicator of a potential upper cervical issue.
  • Atypical Presentation: If your headaches don't quite fit the typical migraine pattern or seem to worsen with specific head movements, exploring the upper cervical spine becomes more critical.
  • You Have Accompanying Symptoms: Dizziness, balance problems, or changes in vision accompanying your headaches often come hand in hand with upper cervical misalignment.
  • Limited Relief: Have standard remedies for headaches provided only temporary relief? This suggests there might be an underlying cause that needs to be addressed.


Seeking Answers: What to Expect

If you suspect an upper cervical problem might be behind your headaches, the next step is to consult with migraine chiropractor in Carmel. Here's what you can expect:

  • Thorough Consultation: The process starts with a detailed discussion of your health history, the nature of your headaches, and any other relevant symptoms.
  • Specialized Evaluation: Our migraine chiropractor in Carmel uses precise assessments, including advanced imaging, to pinpoint any misalignments in the upper neck.
  • Personalized Approach: Not everyone with an upper cervical misalignment experiences exactly the same symptoms. If you're a good candidate for their care, Dr. Flory will develop a care plan tailored to your needs.


Reclaiming Your Life in Carmel

Living with those frustrating headaches on the top of your head can make enjoying all that Carmel has to offer a challenge. Whether you're battling tension brought on by stress, a debilitating migraine, or a stubborn headache with unknown origins, understanding the potential causes is a decisive first step. It provides a roadmap to finding solutions and regaining control of your health.

If you're still searching for answers, don't give up hope. Consult with professionals like our migraine chiropractor in Carmel, who can help investigate the various potential causes of your headaches. If you have signs pointing towards an upper cervical issue –  neck pain, limited relief from traditional solutions – consider exploring this unique chiropractic approach.

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FAQs: Headaches on Top of the Head and Carmel IN Chiropractic Care

Can Carmel IN Chiropractic care help with all types of headaches?

While not a cure-all, upper cervical care is particularly beneficial for headaches related to tension, cervicogenic headaches (originating from the neck), and migraines in some individuals. It aims to address a potential underlying cause that might be contributing to your pain.

How does upper cervical chiropractic differ from traditional chiropractic?

Our Carmel IN Chiropractor, Dr. Flory, is trained to check and correct the alignment of your top two neck vertebrae (atlas and axis). He applies gentle atlas bone adjustments tailored to your unique needs and focused on optimizing nerve function within your entire nervous system.

I'm also experiencing dizziness and nausea, along with my headaches. Could upper cervical care help?

Dizziness and nausea can sometimes be related to upper cervical misalignments. An evaluation by our upper cervical chiropractor can help determine if your symptoms have a connection to atlas misalignment.

Is it safe to get adjusted by a Carmel IN Chiropractor?

Yes! Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustment is safe. It can apply to young kids and even senior adults. We encourage you to consult Dr. Tymothy Flory of Atlas Spinal Care to learn more about how this specific chiropractic technique works.

How quickly will I see results with upper cervical care?

Everyone responds differently. Some people experience immediate, subtle improvements,  while others see progress gradually over time. Your chiropractor will discuss realistic expectations based on your specific case.

Don't let headaches on top of your head control your life in Carmel. Take the first step towards relief – schedule a consultation with our migraine chiropractor in Carmel.


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