Life Is Like A Light

Life is a lot like light, and so is your health.

Just in the same way that the switch in this building is connected through electrical wires to the light fixtures, there are nerves in your body that connect your brain with every part of your body.

They’re known as the master system, and they control and regulate everything that you sense and that you feel, all of the movements that you make, your organs, and your glands, and every body function.

What would happen if we were to cut the nerve to your heart?

It’d stop working. Instead of cutting the nerve, what about an electrical interference like a dimmer switch?

Your heart is going to keep working, but it’s not going to be working at 100% function.

This can happen to a lot of nerves.

Some nerves are related to your balance and coordination, and when there’s interference there, it can create dizziness or vertigo.

Some nerves go into the head and create a lot of headaches.

Some nerves go to the muscles of the neck and the back and can create back pain and neck pain and a lot of muscle tension.

There’s a lot of ways that a misalignment in the neck can be expressed because this is the connection point between the brain and the rest of your body.

If you’re tired of just taking pills to treat the symptoms, then let’s correct the structural problem in your body and restore that light. Restore the function to your God-given design.

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