Secrets to Overcoming Neck Strain from a Whiplash Injury

Many people looking for Carmel neck pain relief have sustained their injuries through a whiplash. Sadly, most of them aren’t sure how they should move forward in alleviating their pain. Hence, they end up with intense neck pain that deters them from moving around with great ease. If you or a loved one experiences chronic or severe neck aches, our brief discussion on neck strain and whiplash injury might help you understand what you need to do.


Before anything else, let’s look at how whiplash works

The first step to finding a suitable source of Carmel neck pain relief is understanding how a whiplash injury works. To help you have a full grasp of what whiplash is, here are some essential facts from studies:

  • Whiplash develops due to the overextension of the cervical spine.
  • It can stem from all kinds of events, including rear-end car accidents, head injuries during a sports competition, and physical abuse.
  • The force from the injury can cause mild to severe trauma to the vertebral bones, intervertebral discs, muscles, and connective tissues of the neck.
  • A whiplash injury usually causes immediate effects, but sometimes it could take weeks or months before the symptoms manifest.
  • Whiplash can lead to cervical subluxation – one of the leading causes of chronic neck pain.


So, how do you know if you have a whiplash injury?

Recognizing the initial symptoms that indicate whiplash can come in extra handy when planning your plan to achieve Carmel neck pain relief. Here are some of the usual indications you must look out for:

  • Nausea
  • Achy neck, shoulder, and back 
  • Recurring head pain
  • Dizziness

As mentioned above, whiplash symptoms can sometimes take longer to appear. So, we strongly suggest paying close attention to your body while recovering from an accident. It would also help to get evaluated by a physician or an upper cervical doctor like Dr. Flory. Doing so will help you assess your risks and prevent complications such as those we have listed below.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

What happens to a whiplash injury that doesn’t get resolved?

As a practicing upper cervical doctor, Dr. Flory often hears similar accounts from patients. Some of these statements include the following:

  • It’s just neck pain. 
  • It will be gone tomorrow.
  • Whiplash isn’t risky at all.
  • But I feel okay! Nothing’s wrong with my neck.

Unfortunately, all the statements we listed above are common misconceptions about a whiplash injury. In truth, whiplash is beyond an ordinary neck ache, and it can cause symptoms that can linger or worsen over time. 

Hence, if you suspect having this type of injury, we strongly recommend seeking immediate assistance from Dr. Flory, your physical therapist, or other healthcare professional. 

The sooner you get diagnosed and assessed, the quicker you can get the help you need and avoid developing complications such as the following: 

Limited range of motion

Because whiplash can increase risks for spinal bone misalignments, it can potentially lead to limited body movements. The area affected by the injury can swell up and prevent your vertebral bones and joints from functioning smoothly. 

Notably, besides limiting your ability to tilt your head and flex your neck, whiplash can prevent you from moving your shoulder and back muscles. This can lead to severe disabilities that can impact your routine.


Vertigo or spinning sensations is a common indication of whiplash. Studies note that spinning sensations mostly occur because of an imbalance in the cervical spine. Notably, the topmost neck bones (C1 and C2 bones) sit directly below the head. They are also proximal to tissues needed for sensing balance and movements, such as the brainstem and your neck muscles. 

Recurring and intense headache

Besides causing spinning sensations, whiplash can also lead to recurring and intense headaches. According to statistics, up to 80 percent of patients who sustained a whiplash injury develop cervicogenic headaches. 

Increased risks for disc degeneration diseases

Whiplash can sometimes cause a significant tear in the annulus fibrosis – the hard layer of the intervertebral discs. The sheering force from the injury can compromise the integrity of the discs cushioning your vertebral bones. Sadly because of this, you become more susceptible to degenerative disc diseases. 

Irreversible nerve damage

Inflammation spell trouble for anyone with heightened risks for permanent nerve damage. That’s because prolonged inflammation can break down the protective layers of nerve roots. When this happens, the nerve tissues get exposed and suffer from severe deterioration.

Cervical subluxation

The C1 and C2 vertebral bones can shift away from the body’s central axis and trigger all sorts of mishaps. Unfortunately, the resulting postural imbalance can heighten your risk for several unpleasant symptoms such as chronic neck pain and cervicogenic headaches.


Atlas Spinal Care: Your Trusted Source of Carmel Neck Pain Relief 

Indeed, having a whiplash injury can trigger all kinds of issues. Thankfully, you can manage them and seek lasting Carmel neck pain relief with the help of upper cervical chiropractic care. 

If you haven’t taken advantage of this holistic healing technique, we suggest consulting with our upper cervical doctor. Essentially, by scheduling your initial consultation, you can achieve the following:

  • Gathering more details about your cervical spine structure 
  • Having a better grasp of your whiplash injury 
  • Getting a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of your cervical subluxation
  • Knowing how long it might take to address your postural imbalance
  • Obtaining the exact measurements needed to get your neck bones back in place

Several case studies have proven the potential of upper cervical chiropractic adjustments in providing massive neck pain relief. Hence, we strongly recommend considering it as a part of your whiplash recovery and rehabilitation plan. 

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